About CalBio

California Bioenergy (CalBio) digesters are built to last and make money.

We partner with the farmer and invest in designs and equipment for the long-run.

We have learned what works based on ten years in the business, building digesters specifically for California dairies.  We understand the upfront engineering, needed equipment, and ongoing operation management.  We are also experts in the programs to sell the electricity and in the essential state and federal grant programs to make your project an economic success.

Founded with a dairy farmer, and working in partnership with 4Creeks, we also focus on enhancing dairy operations - based on your specific needs, to save you time, money and set you on a strong course for the future - while benefiting the community.

For the dairy farmer:

CalBio digesters are built to last. We are able to provide full financing of a project (or the dairy can provide the capital) and generate a new revenue stream for the dairy. We design dairy-specific digesters to augment waste handling operations, save costs, and assist in the nutrient management process. In addition, CalBio operates the project, enabling the dairy to remain focused on its business.

For the community:

CalBio creates a unique renewable energy resource from dairy methane. Unlike solar and wind, which are intermittent, dairy digester projects can store the energy and schedule electricity production to meet the needs of the utility. CalBio is now planning for the future, where the dairy methane can be used to move freight traffic and improve air quality in the process.

CalBio has worked closely with the dairy industry to discuss the opportunities and benefits of dairy bioenergy with the California Department of Food and Agriculture, the California Energy Commission, the California Public Utilities Commission, the state legislature, and the utilities to help establish the renewable energy programs and incentives for digester projects.

To learn more about CalBio’s projects and experience please contact us.