About CalBio

California Bioenergy (CalBio) converts biomass at dairy farms into a clean and storable renewable energy source with valuable co-products and co-benefits.

At CalBio, we partner with California dairy farmers to finance, develop and operate projects that turn dairy manure into energy – electricity, biomethane or fuel. The projects generate multiple benefits for the farm and the community:

For the dairy farmer:

CalBio generates a new revenue stream.  We are also able to augment the dairy’s waste handling operation and assist in the nutrient management process. In addition, CalBio operates the project, enabling the dairy to remain focused on its business.

For the community:

CalBio creates a unique renewable energy resource. Unlike solar and wind, which are intermittent, dairy-based biogas can store the energy and schedule electricity production to meet the needs of the utility. In addition, CalBio creates energy by destroying methane, a greenhouse gas, and as a result helps California achieve its AB 32 climate goals.

CalBio is a leading developer of dairy waste to energy projects in California.  In 2013 CalBio commissioned three dairy projects: two in Bakersfield, CA in PG&E territory and one in Galt, CA in SMUD’s territory. It is focused on the unique opportunities of California dairies.

CalBio has been an active member in the Bioenergy Association of California (as a founding member) and on its own, discussing the opportunities and benefits of dairy bioenergy with the CEC, CPUC, State legislature, the California utilities and others.

To learn more about CalBio’s projects and experience please contact us.

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